IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: OSCOGEN End-of-Project Workshop 22-23 January 2003 in St. Veit/Glan, Carinthia, Austria.

OSCOGEN (Optimisation of Cogeneration Systems in a Competitive Market Environment) is a research project part-funded by the European Commission under the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD) Thematic Programme of the 5th Framework Programme (Contract No. ENK5-2000-00094), the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science/BBW (participation CEPE; Contract No. BBW 00.0627), and Termoelektrarna Toplarna Ljubljana d.o.o./TE-TOL (co-funding participation IJS; Contract No. CEU-BS-1/2001). The project was launched in November 2000 with an overall project duration of 27 months. The key task of the project, in which two industrial partners collaborate with several scientific institutions, is to build a comprehensive model for the optimisation of combined heat and power (CHP; cogeneration) plant operation which will deliver fast and accurate planning results in a world where energy markets are liberalised.

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